Art Ortiz, co-owner of Custom Caterers Fit, is the mastermind behind the company and makes sure every recipe is delivered to provide the nutrition our clients deserve. His years as an IFBB pro, actor, published model and personal trainer has allowed him to encounter individuals from all backgrounds with various health and fitness goals. He has trained and advised everyone from bodybuilders, athletes, workaholics to stay-at-home moms. Nonetheless, he is 100% convinced that “abs are made in the kitchen” and that proper nutrition is the key to achieving desired results.

Richard, founder of Custom Caterers Fit, has over 15 years of experience in the food industry. He is a highly renown caterer and former Cuban restaurant owner. If there is one thing Richard brings to the table it is variety and the options are endless with this guy. He always looks to create new recipes and put a unique twist on traditional dishes. Combined with Art’s nutritional expertise and Richard’s authentic variety, Custom Caterers Fit is deemed to satisfy cravings and fitness goals.